Alces alces: the taxonomic name for a moose / mystax: perhaps the correct Latin word for “mustachioed” / Alces mystax: bastardized Latin for “mustachioed moose”

I’m very, VERY new to pattern designing for knitters. I’ve been knitting since July 2006 – I started because I was enthralled with the idea of handknit socks. Finally got around to learning how to make those correctly in the summer of 2010!

Apart from working as a clerk/knitting instructor/schedule manager/code monkey for the LYS, I have also worked in food service, secondary education (read: high school teacher), residential life (RA), and retail (locally-owned/-operated bookstore). The LYS is definitely my favorite gig ever.

I’m also a mom to a nearly-three-year-old, whom I’ll refer to as “Kidlette” here. My husband will be “Mr. E.” Our cats are Kaylee and Zoe – bonus points if you get the reference!

The image in the header is a photo of my logo – I drew the original design for the stamp, had it carved into a stamp by winemakerssister on Etsy, and here it is in use, two years later. I draw in the eyes and mustache every time I use it, just for kicks. (Mustache subject to change.)


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