2015 was hard. When I say “hard,” I don’t mean “things just didn’t go as planned.” I mean it knocked the wind out of me (and many people I know and love). Dementors sucked joy from my life. It kicked my butt in a million ways, large and small.

I implore you, 2016: don’t suck like 2015.

That being said, we’re not even a week into this year, and I’m sitting here blogging at midnight because I’m waiting for the sixth load of laundry today to finish in the dryer.

Sixth. Yes. That’s right.

Because Kidlette and I both discovered we had head lice yesterday, and that meant resisting the immediate temptation to shave our heads and doing the rational/right thing and washing everything as hot as possible, drying it as hot as possible for at least twenty minutes, and then 6 hours of intense grooming that is rivaled only by what I’ve seen in nature documentaries on primates. Kidlette went to bed at 2 AM. The Engineer had to muddle his way through helping me with the delousing process, and we finally got to bed at 4:30 AM. (2.0, true to form, demanded that we all wake up at 8 AM. It was a long day in this house.)

On the up side, though, being up this late means I got a few e-mails sent, got a new knitting pattern halfway to a decent draft, dredged up my blog password from where it was hiding in my brain, and now, I’m going to indulge in some actual reading for entertainment while I wait for the seventh load of laundry to finish in the washer. Just eight more to go later today.

Catch you around here again soon.