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In thinking about yesterday’s post, I looked at it again and thought, “You know, I should really put my needles where my hands are* and do a quick post on a project undergoing what I think most knitters today would consider to be blocking.” I’m also seriously interested in hearing from people who side with the piece at Skeinoblog¬†that I referenced yesterday, because I think we’re undergoing a generational shift in terminology, and the language geek in me finds that to be fascinating. Comments are open whenever you’re ready!

I’ll be working on a post over the next couple of days (because I still have a thumb to put on the mitten I’ll be posting about, and work to do/go to, and at least one sick kiddo).

*Like “putting my money where my mouth is,” except for knitters. I don’t know. I’m writing before having consumed an entire cup of coffee so I can get this posted before the sick kiddo is fully awake.