As usual, it’s been busy. Blogging consistently and meaningfully with two small kids is a challenge – obviously too much of a challenge to maintain over the past few months! There have been some personal and family challenges of all sizes, the house goes through intermittent periods of “cleaner than usual”, “sliding towards chaos,” and “you know what, I’m keepin’ it real, y’all.”

As of this writing, we have not been clobbered by The Huge Insane Earthquake that hit the news cycle last week. Yay! (People from back home in the Midwest ask me how I can deal with that looming over my head, and I shrug. I’ll take a periodic major threat over the seasonal certainty of tornadoes and hurricanes; tornado season took my anxiety to levels that approached a near-constant panic attack anytime it got overcast.) But yes, we’re prepping our emergency kits and evacuation/family reunification plans this summer. It’ll hit when it hits, and even if we never use those kits or plans, better to have them than not.

I really hope that I’ll be able to get back in the blogging saddle on a regular basis soon. School starts in about six weeks, so that will go a long way towards helping that goal happen.

Anyway, just checking in to say hello, let you know I’m not dead yet, and tell you that things are in limbo for just a little longer.