It’s spring break. It’s crazy-mama time with both kids home. Go grab Message in the Static for free, from now until Friday evening at 5:45 PST. It’s on me.

My birthday was last week – The Engineer took the day off work, and we headed up to Bellingham, WA for a day out. Mundane but out of the ordinary, which is pretty much what I’ll settle for at this point. We ate lunch at a real restaurant and had dessert, made a trip to the giant indie bookstore, checked out the running store, visited the yarn shops, and I got a pair of awesome new shoes for TNNA in May and extraordinary coffee from a little place around the corner from one of the yarn shops.

Also for my birthday, I splurged and ordered a pattern booklet from Iceland. The LYS had it very briefly last year, but it was before my newly-discovered love for Icelandic wool/yarn, so I wasn’t totally disappointed to not score a copy at that time. That changed. The shipping ($16) was almost as expensive as the pattern booklet ($21.75), but there are 41 sweaters in this booklet, and I’ve got 16 of them in my queue. So it was a worthwhile investment – not all of them are on Ravelry, and even if they were, the average pattern price is $6/pattern.

One of the necessary evils of Spring Break, though, is grocery shopping and Costco with both kids, so I will continue with a review of Óveður (Storm) during naptime this afternoon or later this week. Wish me luck, readers.