I’m proud to announce the release of my new pattern, Message in the Static. It went live on Tuesday, March 31, so I’m a bit behind here on the blog.

Message in the Static, size Medium

Here she is. Size M, back view.

Message in the Static Hat, size Large

…and in size Large.

Both sizes are included in the pattern, which is available for $3 (USD) on Ravelry or via your LYS in-store Ravelry purchase. Check out the official pattern page on Ravelry.

It’s a pattern that was written specifically for a thick/thin yarn from Dale of Norway/Dale Garn called Condor, but you could sub in Berroco Mojo, Plymouth Yarns Haciendo, or even some of that thick/thin handspun that you make so well when you start spinning and then can never recover once you get the whole spinning thing down pat. Any way you slice it, if you’re working at gauge, you’ll need 100 yards/93 meters of the bulky-weight/thick-and-thin yarn and 65 yards/59 meters of a solid or mostly-solid worsted-weight yarn for the hem.

The reason for the pattern name? The LYSO for whom I work challenged me to find a one-skein pattern that would use less than one skein of Condor. I didn’t like anything I found through a Ravelry search of pre-existing patterns, so I came up with this one – and it turns out that if you work Condor at a gauge that’s slightly tighter than what the ball band calls for, these zigzags of color and texture emerge from the marl. So it’s a sort of message in the static, if you will.

I’m working on a pair of mitts that will coordinate with this; the Medium takes about half of a ball of Condor, so you can either make another hat – or make the yet-to-be published mitts – and feel really good about having used an entire ball of a fantastic yarn.