On a whim today, I picked up the six-year-old from school and we went up to Mount Vernon, WA, to visit WildFibers. (WildFibers is one of our fantastic LYS in the Puget Sound area.) The LYSO had sent out an e-mail late last week about two special visitors to the shop – the ladies of Spincycle Yarns and Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting.

Well. Due to rain, I wasn’t going to get out and garden, so I picked up the six-year-old from school and off we went.

First off, Spincycle. You kind of have to love a company whose logo is a pirate sheep. I’ve admired their Dyed in the Wool DK-weight for a while – my LYS carries it, and it’s just lovely – but I wanted to do something with a bit less of a wild color combo. I ran into Debauchery, their laceweight 100% BFL wool. Mmmmm. It’s amazing. They have several lines, and the price point is definitely above most LYS “comfort zone” prices, but for something that’s dyed in the wool and milled less than 10 miles from our house, it’s not unreasonable.

Secondly, Never Not Knitting. I’ve admired her patterns for a long time, so it was great to meet Alana in person. She signed my copy of Botanical Knits and we chatted for a few minutes – she’s delightful! (I was really irritated to not be able to make the class she taught on designing.) One of my goals this year is to rotate more fibery podcasts into my mix of listening material, and I need to add hers to my list. I think I’m going to start off by casting on her Sprig Cloche. Spring is arriving here in the PNW, and I could use a cute hat for working my shifts at the LYS.

And finally, you’ve seen the new Knitty, right? Lots of intriguing stuff in there. I’m particularly attracted to the Crane Hill Tank by Miriam Felton, the Mia tank by Jennifer Wood, and the Geek socks by Wei S. Leong.