This has been one of those weeks.

Too little sleep, too much sugar, too much and too little laundry at the same time, and too many allergens. Result: no real forward progress on any of my projects (either designing or currently in-process pieces), cranky mama, cranky kids, dirty house.*

However! We have a meal plan and food for that meal plan because I went to both Costco and the regular grocery store. Laundry is slowly getting done and folded. While at Costco, I bought some organizational stuff that should help me track projects more visibly (read: not in a drawer, where I inevitably forget them). Three out of four garden areas have been attacked with the branch cutters, which means fewer salmonberries and terrible blackberries this year.** I got the week’s urgent volunteer task done for school. And tomorrow is Pi Day, which means cheesecake and spaghetti pie and shepherd’s pie for all.

I wanted to take a picture of where several of my projects are currently languishing in lovely unfinished states, and where one of them is shining brilliantly in its freshly finished state, but that will have to wait until I don’t have a screaming baby on hand. I hold out hope for tomorrow.

*I’m not a fantastic housekeeper in good weeks. But there is yogurt in weird places, and it’s mixed with unidentifiable substances. On the carpet. That’s problematic. 

**“Terrible blackberries? What sort of crazy ARE you?”, you might be asking. Come visit a residence in the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find out in pretty short order that having fewer blackberries, especially fewer terrible blackberries, is a common problem for many residential properties.