This is the year in which resolutions and good intentions are finally paying off. So far.

Last year, for various reasons, was something of a wash. Designs floundered and sank, never to be seen again. The baby became a toddler, which meant that there was no longer semi-leisurely writing time or knitting time while he batted things around on a playmat. I started some volunteer commitments; one worked, and one imploded. And I went back to work at a very, very leisurely pace (four hours per week).

It took me a really long time to make heads and tails of those situations. It’s March 2015, though, and I hold out hope that things will be really sorted by the time the month is over.

For starters, I’m launching a new design next week. It’s a slouchy hat, and it will come in mega-slouch and baby-slouch styles. There will be coordinating mitts, though my attempts at those have so far been highly uninspired. Maybe when I try to put something together on an appropriately-sized set of needles with more than three hours of sleep, something will gel!

But look for more in this space soon. I’m scheduling blog time each week. Stay tuned, readers, and thanks for taking a look.