Hello, all! It’s sadly been almost a year since I touched the blog, but look! I remembered my password on the first go! I think I’ll have a cookie.

It’s been a busy year. We had friends and family visit from the Midwest, we bought a house, we had an addition to the family in the form of a second child, and then more family and friends visit… and somehow, in all that, I managed to keep knitting. Not writing, but at least knitting.

And now I’m back to designing. I have a cowl and hat in the works (and actual charting software of my own!), a very nice pat on the back from a national name in knitting, and a child in school full-time. (That last bit is important because it means I theoretically can use Child Number Two’s naptime to work on patterns without interruption. Note my use of the term “theoretically.”)

So look for more in this space shortly. Those socks still aren’t done and are sitting in much the same state that I left them last spring/summer, but I have hope.