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I have been fighting a total lack of knitting mojo since early February. I picked up two projects that I had been thinking about for a while – a sweater for Kidlette and turning a ball of sock yarn into actual socks – and they’ve both blown up in my face. Kidlette’s sweater is cute as can be in baby/toddler sizes, but totally incorrectly sized for preschoolers (way too wide and way too short).


The sock yarn was awesome in the ball but has muddy, splotchy stripes once it’s actually knit up.


The sock pattern is in time-out while I redo the chart and requisite math. And give it the stinkeye and beat myself over the head about realizing that some things really, truly won’t just block out.

In the meantime, I drank the Color Affection … uh… powdered soft drink (if you know what I mean) and am on section two. Rather pleased with it so far, though a part of me wishes that I had been bolder and used blue as the main color rather than the contrast. (This is in Malabrigo Lace – natural, azul profundo, and lettuce.) I totally get why this is so addictive now; every single time I pick it up, I find myself chanting, “Just one more row… just one more set of stripes…”