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… and no, I will NOT be poisoning pigeons in the park (YouTube link), though that song gets stuck in my head around this time each year and I fervently hope that I don’t start singing it with the car windows down. (If you don’t happen to know the song, just Google the lyrics and you’ll see why.)

It is a gorgeous day out today, the kind of day that makes you feel like you can wield a trowel, drop seeds in the ground, and prepare yourself for the magic to happen! I went to our local farm/country store and attended a talk on seed starting, because although I have somewhat successfully started seeds before, Kansas killed them all (usually right before it was time for the plants to bear a harvest that we hoped would keep us from having to run up our grocery bill).

But not this year. No. We live in the Pacific Northwest, just a few miles south of an area that is in the top 2% worldwide – yes, worldwide – in terms of agricultural production and potential. The odds look good. I bought seed starter soil, seed trays, all seed packets except for brussels sprouts and leeks (I’ll hang out and wait for the seedlings later this spring and summer), and I hoped to be able to also grab my supplies to make a first foray into canning as the first apple season of the year ends. I went down the canning supply aisle, carefully measured the quart jars to see which canner would be best to use… and… there it was, on the side of the canner. “NOT FOR USE ON GLASS-TOP STOVES.”

GUH. Guess which type of stove our rental house has.

As it turns out, glass-top stoves can be risky prospects for canning. I don’t feel like tempting fate, so I’m now looking at double-burner propane camping stoves for doing the canning outside on the deck. One of the country-store clerks was incredibly helpful in walking me through the idea, but I did laugh when she said, “Yeah, it just gets so hot in summer here, you’ll be glad for the opportunity to can outside!” *snerk* Uh-huh. So hot. Maybe 80 degrees on a really bad day. *snerk*

So for today, I contented myself to bring the gardening stuff home and to puzzle out the canning tonight while Kidlette watches a movie. I braved the chilly, very windy day and finished weeding almost all of one flower bed and sections of its neighbor. I would like to cordially strangle the person who put a fiberboard-bottomed planter out in the garden and let its paint and fiberboard rot – that’ll be an entire section of soil that has to be dug out and replaced by new topsoil. Tomorrow will be grocery shopping and planting day for the first round of seeds. I have a couple of things that can go out in the garden or raised beds in early May, and it’s almost time to get those seeds in grow trays! Wish me luck!