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When the going gets rough...

… it’s just a better idea all around to go to the beach, don’t you think?

This lovely place is called Iverson Spit Preserve, and it’s really just as awesome as the photo. What the picture fails to communicate is that between you and the water – for about three-quarters of a mile – there’s a thirty-foot wide band of driftwood. Not just nice little branches. Entire trees, construction signs, drifting plywood and pieces of boat or dock… it’s incredible. And great fun with kids as you hop from tree to tree and try (and fail at least once) to avoid giant tidal mud puddles under the driftwood.

So, aside from the “hi, we’re from Kansas and anything other than flat prairies is new to us!” situation, it was very cool to witness the tide going out for the first time. Kidlette and I were making our way north along the beach (once you get past the driftwood, there’s a narrow sandy beach – the sand is rare in these parts, and it’s a real treat to have found one with shallows), and then decided to turn back around because it was starting to get windy and cold. As we made our way south, I realized that… there were five to ten feet more of beach than there had been when we walked north. So that was an amazing observation and opportunity for an impromptu science lesson!

I love the Pacific Northwest.