Um, ow. by ArbreDeJosue
Um, ow., a photo by ArbreDeJosue on Flickr.

My superpower is being able to injure myself or get injured with even the most innocuous of everyday objects. Tripping over nothing when I walk? Almost daily. Music stand to the face? Not my fault, but yes. It is such a normal thing that even my French family calls me “Grace” as a nickname.

Yesterday, I sustained my first serious injury in the line of fiber arts duties. I fell into a bin of yarn. I was walking through the craft room, bumped unexpectedly into a box, and down into a lovely pillow of worsted-weight yarn I went. Apparently I scraped the inside of my right arm against the side of the bin – HARD – as I went, because this is one hell of a bruise. It’s not as pretty as it’s going to get later in the week, but you can already see its ugly greenish-purple shadow inside that blue circle (the Sharpie cap is there to give you an idea of the size).

At least I didn’t fall into my needle/hook bin, right?