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It has been a really long time since I have felt really, actually on top of things going in to the holidays. This year, if I’m not kicking back with some fancy hot chocolate or coffee (I bought a new local brand last week, and that’s as fancy as I get since we moved) and congratulating myself on how incredibly ahead of things we are, I can at least sit back and tick off the things that are within spitting distance of being done.

  • Our niece’s stocking: finished embroidery, blocked, shipped last week. My sister loves it and is showing it off. SCORE.
  • A friend’s daughter’s stocking: blocked it to embroider, embroidering/adding the hanger loop tonight, reblocking tomorrow and shipping on Wednesday. Start to finish: 10 days. Boo. YAH.
  • The Unending Skinned-Muppet Scarf (aka the one I made from Alpaca Sox and merino boucle and discovered how much I hated boucle yarns and those fancy-pants dropped-stitch stitch patterns): done, blocked, and should be shipped today.
  • Engineer’s Beer Mitts: put in the waste yarn for the thumb and finished 20% of the remaining knitting of the main part of the second mitt’s body this morning.
  • Kidlette’s sweater: on hiatus since I seriously have to reknit the hat that I JUST MADE FOR HER that she managed to lose within two weeks of me finishing it, plus finish a couple of pairs of mittens and a pair of socks for her.
  • Former LYS co-workers: contents for the gift box of goodies have been purchased and individual gifts are in process.

For the rest of the family, I am making this a non-knitting holiday. I won’t go into too much detail here – who knows if they read this? If they do, they don’t tell me, so best to be cautious – but I think I have finally made all of the necessary purchases and know that I can actually ship things at the end of this week.

And for friends and family to whom we don’t conventionally send gifts, I ordered photos that should be here in the next few days, found the cards that I either bought or made last year (and… never sent, but again, it’s been a few years since I’ve been on top of things), and even found the special envelopes for the handmade cards.

I basically feel like a holiday rock star at this point. I’m keeping the baking expectations to a minimum, and we are not travelling, so now all I have to do is get things together for my French family and we’ll be good to go.