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Unpacking has been going fairly well. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to host my college roommate for almost a week at Thanksgiving (despite Amtrak’s closing of the entire Vancouver, BC – Seattle line due to mudslides), and we were able to find all of the roasting pan pieces to be able to roast a turkey breast. I made my second pie ever, completely from scratch (crust, pumpkin filling… EVERYTHING) and will never eat store-bought pumpkin pie again. In Gwynne’s memorable words, “Holy… lots of swear words, this is good.” We went to the Museum of Flight on the Friday after Thanksgiving… as did much of the greater Seattle area… and then came home and set up the Christmas tree.  (It was actually in its original box and thus easy to spot; the ornaments took a little longer, but that box was eventually spotted and brought in as well.) The only thing that continues to evade our search efforts is the little plastic baggie in which we stowed the screws that hold Kidlette’s bed together. Kidlette, thankfully, is okay with sleeping on her mattress on the floor for now. As long as she has her three or four favorite stuffed animals, her blankets, and three pillows, she’s able to pass out quite happily.

It has been rainy and blustery for most of the weekend. The wind even approached Kansas gust strength yesterday, which was impressive. The change in the weather has activated my knitting superpowers, by which I mean I am cruising through projects like it’s Christmas in three weeks.


Well, let’s put it this way. I am further ahead than most years, mainly on account of the fact that I’m being sensible and not even trying to knit for everyone this year. I have a stocking that I just finished for our niece; a stocking to finish for a good friend’s daughter’s first Christmas; a cardigan for Kidlette; and then mumblety-mumble-stuff for Engineer. I briefly resented that Engineer had to be out the door at 5:15 AM each day… and then realized that if I got up at the same time, got coffee going, and set to work, I could get in a full two hours (three if I’m exceedingly lucky) of work – whether it be writing or knitting.

I am slightly worried that my designing papers have yet to emerge from boxes. We’re at the point in unpacking where I can no longer remember if I saw something WHILE I was packing it, or in the process of unpacking something else. That right there is enough to drive you nutso. No time to worry about it now, unfortunately… since we now live a three-day-drive from our nearest family members, we have to get very serious very early about holiday shipping. We’re in the throes of holiday crafting and photo-printing and writing, so the designing stuff is just going to have to wait until 2013. Le sigh.