Well, hello there. 

It’s been a long… few months… hasn’t it? 

I have a reason for that. 

We moved to western Washington State. 

(insert atypical squeals of glee here)

It’s a long story, and I am seriously going to get on top of how to successfully put photos up on this blog, but we are thrilled and love it out here. The people are great, our town is wonderful and walkable, and we are just fifteen minutes from two lovely state parks with great beaches. 

The knitting has definitely been kicked up a notch since it is cool and damp (oh, so very damp – we’re supposed to get four or five inches of rain in the next four days), but you will not see us complaining about the weather – our allergies have by and large disappeared, and we are getting plenty of stuff done in the realm of unpacking and settling in our beautiful rental house. 

More later when I can get photos on here, mainly because I have to post pictures of beaches, jellyfish, and the laughable mess that is currently my craft room.