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I need to do a better job of posting pictures, especially when the week has been so delightfully visual as this week.

Last night, we made more hummus, more flank steak, and added some quinoa-based tabouleh to the mix. The only mistake we made was to not chop the parsley a little bit better, but aside from that, it was an excellent dinner. Just looking at the tabouleh made me want to attack it with a serving spoon and not let anyone else have any.

I finished my Attabi Wrap in undyed Traveller and Woodcock in Free Range (both from The Sanguine Gryphon, which no longer exists as such; you can find many of their former offerings at either The Verdant Gryphon or Cephalopod Yarns). It is stunningly pretty, and I can’t wait to wear it this fall. I cannot quite bring myself to pick up my improvised Alpaca-Sox-and-Merino-Boucle wrap, as I rest firmly convinced that the merino boucle is really a skinned Muppet. While looking through a nightstand drawer, though, I found my Oscilloscope Shawl which has been languishing since April. Since I’m making it in Cascade Eco Duo – a worsted weight 70/30 alpaca/merino blend – it is flying off the needles pretty quickly. Not like I need anything made out of any alpaca blend at all in the heat wave we’re experiencing, but I enjoy the gratification of a quick project.

And finally, I think we’ve figured out a lunch strategy for this coming school year. I was somewhat inspired by one of Kidlette’s teachers when, in response to my statement that we were going lunchbox shopping, she told me, “Oh. Don’t get one of those ridiculously huge ones, please – so many parents do, and we have trouble getting them all in the fridge.” I had seen some low-profile, multi-compartmented, latch-covered trays at the local natural foods store, and I thought that’d be a good alternative. When we went back there to look, though, it was clear that the trays were way too big for an elementary school kid’s meal. So I decided to look into bento boxes. To make a very long story short, we are in the process of procuring a bento box for everyone in the family (Engineer is going to take a tiffin that I had originally gotten for myself, Kidlette has a cute little pig box, and I… am still trying to figure out which bento box I’d like. A part of me says that the Lucky Cat would be a good move, while a different part of me says to go for a more sedate sakura blossoms motif), and we will be prepping meals from both The Food Matters Cookbook and The Just Bento Cookbook. We got the latter cookbook yesterday, and I’ve already been grocery shopping at one of the local Asian markets close to our house. I prepped a sweet pepper kinpira that went with the leftover flank steak and steamed broccoli for this evening’s dinner – sliced red and yellow bell peppers, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. (Verdict on the kinpira? Any time we find cheap stoplight pepper packs at Aldi, we use the red and yellow peppers to make kinpira and the green ones to make bell pepper salsa for steak or fajitas.)

All in all, a productive week! I can’t believe the school year is just 8 days away for Kidlette, and 10 days away for me.