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I know this sounds crazy in the middle of the summer (and perhaps especially insane when our forecast temperature is supposed to be 109 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday), but hot hummus is my new favorite snack. Especially when slathered on a pita and topped with hot flank steak strips that have been grilled medium-rare and seasoned only with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Ahem. Knitting. Right.

So! The Ravellenic Games started earlier today, and I am going to try and complete three projects. Two of them are WIPs that have been languishing for way too long (both scarves/wraps). Easy enough. They’re the projects I’ll run across in the craft room every so often and that make me say, “OH! Duh. You need some work when I get a chance.”

The third one is more difficult – frogging my first attempt at sweater knitting. It’s a basic sweater – just a simple wrapped cardigan. I started it three years ago, have worked on it in fits and starts ever since, and realized about a month ago that I really don’t like it. I tried it on. I took my normal outfit-evaluation post on the lip of the bathtub… looked… turned… tugged… pulled… reassured myself that blocking does good things… but could not help grimacing. I have completed three other sweaters in the past two years and generally love them much more than this pattern and yarn combination. I understand the importance of not fudging gauge, of correct sweater fit, and of trusting your measurements. I did not understand these things three years ago, and the sweater now makes me sad. I’m not into wearing “sympathy sweaters” or “sentimental sweaters.” So I’m frogging it. All 7 skeins of Cascade 220 Quatro. And I will love every minute of it.