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We are just back from the best vacation EVER. Why, you might ask? Because we let our family geek flag fly for two straight weeks with beautiful scenery and good food and friends, and we got absolutely no meaningful work done except posting pictures and a partial travel blog on our family site. It was fantastic.

We took five days to drive from Wichita to Seattle, stopping in Chamberlain, South Dakota; Spearfish, South Dakota; Bozeman, Montana; and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Along the way, we visited the requisite touristy things (The Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse) and made a series of serendipitous snap decisions to visit sites that are a bit further from the beaten path (the Badlands, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, the Museum of the Rockies, Grand Coulee Dam, and Dry Falls). We did a lot of in-depth visiting in Seattle (Pike Place Market, the Tom Bihn factory and store, Picnic Point Beach for Kidlette’s first trip to the ocean, Bellevue Botanical Gardens, Mount St. Helens, the King Tutankhamun and pharaonic life exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, pictures at the base of the Space Needle, the Museum of Flight). The trip home was less eventful, as we “only” stopped a few times (the Hagerman, Idaho Fossil Beds; Dinosaur National Monument; and two yarn shops in Fort Collins, Colorado).

Looking at that list, if you think we might be a little excited about dinosaurs and geology, you are absolutely correct.

I am sworn to secrecy on the knitting I did on the trip, as it’s going to my swap buddy either today or tomorrow, depending on how Kidlette is doing in about half an hour. I was supposed to make significant headway on a blanket I started for Camp Loopy… alas, the scenery on the way out and a trip back with a cranky toddler did in those plans. I might jump back in for project three, but haven’t decided yet. If I do, it’ll be another sweater for Kidlette. She’s pointed out three things that she likes in the Hanna Andersson catalog, and I cannot justify paying those prices for those pieces of clothing when I should be able to make them myself. (Including a couple of tunics that I’d have to sew, but they look really easy [,she said – thereby dooming herself to several failed attempts before finally making something that looks more or less like the pattern illustration].)