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According to Ravelry, the Super-Secret Sock Pattern has been kicking around in my skull for about a year now. I first test-knit it last spring, ended up with the wrong size (gauge IS important, it turns out – duuuuhhhh), and put it aside for a year. I did buy better yarn for the Real Test-Knit Pair in the interim, and it just sat there in its bin and looked accusingly at me until, finally, about three weeks ago, I wound both hanks and cast on. At which point I realized that I had lost my original chart, so had to then reconstruct it from my test knit and Ravelry notes – always a fun process.

And now, I am happy to report, there is great progress being made towards actually knitting a pair of functional, wearable socks. I have almost completed the leg of the first sock, experimenting with what I’ll call a “filler border” – the chart is 22 sts wide, which means that, for me, 66 sts is a touch too cozy at the gauge I need, and 88 would only be feasible if I had actually maintained my athletic progress made by completing the Couch-to-5K program; to split the difference between the sizes and get the sock diameter I want, there’s a little insert design. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m rather pleased with how these a returning out, though – it makes me giggle every time I pick them up to work on them.