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Last time we met, it was to discuss how Pinterest had taken over some of the time that I used to spend on Ravelry. And then midterms happened, and the first composition for my university students, and….yeah. So it’s been a while. I even went two or three weeks without knitting, which hasn’t really happened since I left the K-12 teaching world.

Obviously it hasn’t been a good time for getting any designing done, either, which hacks me off. Especially because the Horsefeathers Cowl was an easy enough design to produce and it still took me the better part of three weeks to write up. Super-Secret and Rather Brilliant if I Do Say So Myself Sock Pattern still has its first test knit languishing in my FO Drawer, with its chart glaring at me accusingly every time I go into the craft room. It’s going to be a monster to write up, plus a mandatory reknit of the sock before I can even think about handing it to test knitters.

However, I did successfully plan a family road trip for this summer, so that is exciting. The road trip summary is as follows: building decorated with corn, mountains, mountains with things carved into them, lakes, rivers, ocean, Seattle, friends, volcanoes, dinosaurs, and finishing up with brewpubs and yarn. Very excited 🙂