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A quick post to wish all of you a very happy 2012. I hope there are many wonderful things in store for the year!

It’s been a busy start to the year – I accepted a job as an adjunct instructor for one of the local universities, and classes start this week. I’m frantically prepping my course and trying to figure out how to use Blackboard after an eight-year hiatus… and to calm my nerves, I’m churning out socks. (ETA – there was supposed to be a photo link here. WordPress and Flickr decided not to play nicely together, though, so… working on it.)

I’m also looking at 4 baby projects and sighing. They need a lot of work, but aren’t mindless/portable/good car knitting. And design work? I have the yarn to work on the REAL samples of my Super-Secret-Geek-Chic pattern, and it’s giving me the evil eye. “You’ve had us in hibernation since September. Why aren’t we socks yet?” the skeins ask me.  I at least had the sense not to volunteer to teach summer classes…