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Sigh. Some day I’ll have time enough to do every single thing that I want to do when I want to do it. That day is not today.

It’s been quiet for a while, thanks to Thanksgiving, a trip to the wilds of northern Nebraska to see my family, and now the joy of doing an entire semester’s worth of lesson planning for the college French class that I’ll be teaching next January. It’s an entry-level class, which is my favorite level to teach, and one that (I feel odd saying it, but it’s true) I’m really good at teaching. But DAMN, it’s a lot of work. My training and experience has primarily been at the high school level, and seeing what we have to get through in about 4.5 months kind of makes my head spin. I’m a meticulous planner, so it’s taking me about a full business day to do a week’s worth of planning… but it’s not in a concentrated business day. It’s 30 minutes here… 2 hours during Kidlette’s naptime… 90 minutes when my husband gets home so I can sit on the couch and occasionally add to the conversation while planning… ugh. I may have to take some “run away to the coffee shop” days over break to make this happen. Anyway!

I’m hoping to get this lesson planning knocked out between now and January 1 so that I have a few precious days to start work on reknitting my test pair of socks for Super-Secret and Amazing Sock Pattern, because I’m madly in love with it (and I think many other knitters will be, too).

But hey, if you’re looking for some fun knitting to do, and you like socks and stripey things, why don’t you go visit Caitlin at String Theory Colorworks? Her sock yarn is as stripey as you want it to be, in great colors and fun patterns, and the STCW groupies are just fantastic (enthusiastic, smart, and funny). Her updates are on Fridays, so… get thee to the website later this morning, yah?