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My daughter, Kidlette, is almost three. She’s all about gadgets, photos, reading, and collaborative projects with Maman and Papa. (We’re a bilingual [French-English] household, so be aware that there’s going to be a fair amount of “franglais” that appears when talking about her.)

Somewhere along the line of reading Facebook posts from my photographer cousin and the wonderful book Unplugged Play, I came up with the idea of having Kidlette help me make a photo book of our neighborhood – specifically, a photo book of colors.

What we do is that we go outside on any one of several neighborhood circuits and take our camera. Kidlette picks a target color for the walk, and her job is to identify anything she sees in that color along the walking route. (Exceptions: we don’t take pictures of people we don’t know, entire cars, license plates or entire houses.) I aim the camera, and she pushes the button.

Our end goal is to create a two-page spread for each color and have the resultant “book” custom-printed by one of the online photo processors to keep in our house.