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One day post-publication, and I’m already scheming. Mwahahahahahahahaaaa.

In terms of design, I have three sock designs that are brewing. One has a finished test sock that needs serious modification before I take another stab at the pattern (but has a finished chart, more or less), one has a finished chart and will be a really easy knit, and one doesn’t require a chart and will be a really easy knit.

In terms of personal knitting… I believe that I will be crawling under the desk and crying. I started to type up my list, stared at it in disbelief, and decided to erase it before an anxiety attack set in.

But hey! A small victory lap is in order. My poor friend J has been waiting for her 2010 Christmas socks for 10 months, and I am finally ready to put the toes on today. (I’m 5 rows away from one of the heart-of-the-blossom closures, and my DPNs are upstairs in the room with the creakiest floor in the house… which is across from the room in which Kidlette is still sound asleep. Sigh.)

How about you guys? Are you crafting for the winter holidays? Are you done with any part of your list yet?