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Fall is finally here in south central Kansas. We had an incredibly hot, dry summer this year, which means that our foliage is not nearly as colorful as it might otherwise be. The leaves are down on the sidewalks, the wind is cold and has really picked up over the past few days, and it’s getting chillier.

So here’s a list of four things that are getting me into the fall spirit:

1. Apple crisp. My favorite recipe is at¬†SimplyRecipes. (Let it be noted that I have typed “apple crips” every single time I’ve typed it this season. Did you know that apples run in gangs? Me neither. Though I hear those Jonagolds are vicious.) I will be attempting to make baked apple sorbet from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams this weekend – and heck, maybe even an apple ice cream with the crispy bits from Elaine’s recipe swirled in. Mmmmmm. Apples.

2. Fall Leaves Coasters by the purl bee (via Purl Soho). While I won’t be ordering the $23 Dutch felt kit from them, I will be putting in an appearance at Jo-Ann’s to get some felt and embroidery floss. Those look CUTE. And the idea might well transfer to other seasonal ideas for the winter.

3. SOCKS. All I want to do is knit socks, quite frankly. The green ones I was so proud of in August? Yup, still working on them. I’m also still working on my friend Jennifer’s Christmas socks from last year (she has large-ish feet, they’re colorwork, and… well, at this point, I really have no excuse). Unfortunately, holiday gift knitting is getting in the way of my personal sock projects. Boo. Most everyone is getting a quick knit this year and – lesson learned from two years ago – nothing is going to be size-critical.

4. Again from the purl bee – the Bandana Cowl. While Erin says it’s “effortlessly chic,” and it is effortless, not sure how chic it’s going to be on me. But I will try anything once, and so once I get a decent picture of myself in it, I’ll post it here and on Ravelry (and I am sorely behind on Ravelry pictures, I know).

What are you up to for getting into the fall spirit?